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Looking for something like Exam Solutions or Physics and Maths Tutor but for an undergraduate, first year maths course. I know some content overlaps but the methods used at university are different, so am looking for a uni specific website.

Thanks in advance!
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There is nothing specifically like that I'm aware of, probably because university maths is so different to school maths. There are various useful resources out there though - Paul's Online Math Notes are a handy resource for some of the earlier mathematical methods type courses (vector/multivariable calculus and differential equations). Hyperphysics also might be useful for some applied mathematics courses, although it's more of a quick reference than anything else.

Schaum's Outline of Mathematics for Scientists and Engineers covers most if not all of the "methods" type stuff you'll have as core content in a maths (or engineering, or physics...) degree, with lots of worked questions to go through. Schaum's Outlines generally are handy for exam prep due to having a lot of worked questions, but they aren't that great to learn from (another benefit though is that they're generally very cheap), and I haven't really used/looked at them for pure maths areas e.g. advanced calculus/analysis, (linear) algebra etc. I probably wouldn't recommend relying on these exclusively, although the one specifically noted is handy for covering a lot of core (and some optional) content for most courses in a single purchase.

For anything else (especially pure stuff) it's probably going to be lecture notes (either from your lecturer or another at some other university - you can often find such notes published around the web by googling "X lecture notes") or textbooks (which generally it would be better to use from your university's library than buying for yourself, unless you realise you're going to do a PhD in a given area and want some books for your own personal reference). As far as textbooks go, there are lots of recommendations available on the web; reddit, physicsforums, quora and mathstackexchange often have recommendations and discussions as to the best mathematics texts to learn from and which have (useful/any) exercises.


Avoid anything written by Serge Lang.

Your university will also probably have many past papers available (although no solutions, typically - you'll probably see looking over past papers this is due to them tending to recycle questions, either exactly or just slightly paraphrased), which can give you an idea of what you need to be preparing and finding example problems to try your hand at.

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