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So I have work tomorrow and I can’t go and I’ve told them before but they always tell me to find people to cover it but the thing is I can’t go and I’ve found nobody to cover my shift. I’m also coming down with something and my nose is constantly running and I don’t want other people to get sick as well so should I call in sick because I’ve never done that before... and idk if I sound sick and then I have work the next day so idk what to doo because I 100% can’t work help please haha
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You don't have find a replacement, that's your boss's job. If you're self employed things are slightly different in terms of rights.

Ring up tomorrow morning/tonight/prescribed time before.

'My name is ..., I have a cold/whatever appropriate, I'm calling in sick, today, I do not know when I will be back but I imagine it'll be 2-3 days, when this changes I will inform you'.

Wait, manager rants or tries it on.

Pause, repeat what you just said.

Manager rants. Or politely says stuff.

repeat calmly 'I do not know when I will be back but I imagine it'll be 2-3 days, when this changes I will inform you, do not ring me.'

If it gets out of hand, thank them politely, say bye and put the phone down. You can add something like, 'sorry but I'm feeling unwell, but I was just informing you, I have to go now'. If they start guilt tripping you or saying 'what can I do, you didn't find a replacement, how am I going to cover the shift', repeat the same thing very politely, thanks, goodbye phone down.

If they ask you any unreasonable questions or pretty much anything else just repeat those steps.

If they ring you back tomorrow, you repeat the same thing, sorry I'm unwell I have to go, I'm off sick, thank you, goodbye. phone down.

Practice it a few times. Write it on a piece of paper.

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