yasmine jamison
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hey guys! I'm currently revising biology and I'm only half a term into the as course ad I don't know how to revise to achieve the top grades. any advise?
Infinite Series
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I learn the content from here first and check if it covers all the content from my textbook. I add some more detail to it (the 'HowScienceWorks' boxes that we all skip ) and then learn that too.

After doing that, all I do is PRACTICE QUESTIONS as I believe that this is the key to Biology as there are soo many application questions. I write down the questions that I got wrong and memorise them to prevent me from making that mistake in the future.
I memorise the Mark Scheme for as many questions as possible, as similar questions in biology will have an overlapping mark scheme which expects certain key words and won't give you the marks unless you state those 'exact words'.
I once lost marks for describing some equipment as 'accurate' but I got it wrong because the mark scheme only accepted the word 'precise'.

Where I get my Biology practice questions (LINKS ATTACHED):

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