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Are catholics, basically strict Christians?

Are there any similarities between Catholics and Muslims? Do both the holy books state similar things?

If that is the case, catholics shouldn't really hate muslims then right? Because they'd obviously understand the religion if both the holy books state the same thing?

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Catholicism is extremely relaxed
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A core part of Catholicism is the belief Jesus is the son of God. A core part of Islam is that God is not born and does not give birth; he has no children. Jesus is only a prophet.
This is all you need to show the core divisions within the religion. There are a LOT more differences- but in reality, it mainly boils down to this. You can't mutually believe in both cores.

Furthermore, the more someone's religion is like yours but with slight tweaks- the more offensive you find it. There this is why extremist Muslims from one sect is much more likely to kill a Muslim of another sect (Shia and Sunni's) than someone of a totally different religion.
Same thing during the Spanish Inquisition- Jews, Atheists and Muslims were let off lightly compared Protestants.
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I went to a very Catholic school so I feel I am qualified to talk about this
There are many things that are different about Catholics to Christians and saying they are "strict Christians" is an over-simplification. There are different theological beliefs.
Catholics aren't all necessarily strict. Catholicism has a reputation for being strict but really there is massive variation. Some Catholics are more relaxed than others.
Catholics follow the bible just like Christians, both the old and new testament. Muslims also use the old testament but they have other books as well. Jews also use the old testament. So yes there are similarities with all of these religions as they have a book in common but everything beyond the old testament is different. Muslims have many fundamentally different beliefs and so do Jews.
I agree that Catholics shouldn't hate Muslims and nor should anyone because people shouldn't be hated just because of their religion. I'm an atheist so I believe they're all equally fake lol but yeah they're not similar.

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