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This is what I've got so far but I'm not sure how to improve or what to continue on to.

Something that is very special to me is Sanna. Sanna is the most western point in mainland Britain, its right by a beach and has very few houses with only two or three permanent residents. When my mum was younger she would go on holiday there with her parents and sister and now I go with my family.

When my family and I are in sanna we always stay in the same house so its very special to me. In this house there are three bedrooms and two bathrooms. The kitchen is small and the sofa in the living room is so incredibly hard and uncomfortable. Beside this is the house my cousins always stay in and where I spent many nights on holiday.

One of my favorite things about sanna is the views and coastal scenery. You get the best views when you climb by the side of the house to the high ground at sanna point where you can see nearby islands Eigg and Rum. Sanna also has a stunnig beach where the sea is either a dark blue or turquoise depending on the weather.

I have many memories in sanna good and bad. My scariest memory in sanna was when sharks surrounded me on my friends boat. The sharks were basking sharks and there were about seven of them and they were just swimming around the boat and even though they eventually left and everything was fine it still frightened me. A good of when I was on the boat in sanna was when we got to see dolphins, there were three of them and they were jumping out the water. Many of my memories of Sanna however were inside because its in Scotland, which also means the weather, is very unpredictable. When it would rain me and my family would have to think of ways to entertain us because there was no TV or Internet. The house we stayed in had loads of board games so we would play them for hours and hours.

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