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How's the quality of the course?
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(Original post by Qup)
How's the quality of the course?
Hello Qup,

I just had a quick chat with a product design student in 3rd year. He told me that the course is very active and you get taught a lot more throughout the week compared to other universities, which is helpful because you get to develop your skills more as you go along, and constantly learn something new about the subject and industry. There is a big focus on industry work and trying to prepare you to go out there and start working straight away by entering design competitions and internships. The lecturers always try to bring in new businesses to challenge the students and set competition briefs for them to put something on their CV.

Most of the Tutors in the building work in the industry as well as teach, so they have very good and up to date expertise about what is going on in the industry and always try to direct you into a successful field of work by teaching you currently required skills.

The course can also be very independent, as you are left to develop your ideas week by week, after which you get tutorials and one on one discussions with the tutors on trying to help you develop your projects even further, where they criticise your work in an attempt to improve it by giving you suggestions.

It is also a very versed course in other areas other than product development, as you would have to learn additional skills in being able to create stunning portfolios at the end of 3rd year, where you would have to learn a large number of other skills such as graphic design, rendering and possibly photography, among others. It is highly recommended in the university that you collaborate with other courses on the campus, so they can help you display your work to a more professional standard, as well as develop the ability to work in a group dynamic, as it is very important to know how to work with other people on projects, because it can get tough, trust me on that!

Overall, most of the people I know that do Product Design are pleased with the course, in the 3rd year at least, as I share a personal workspace area with them on level 9, and have collaborated with them previously during 1st year. I do design & Coding, 3rd year.

I would highly recommend coming to an open day and speaking to the tutors and getting a tour by one of our student ambassadors on the Product Design course. It will definitely answer a lot of your questions about the course, and the general dynamic of how the Univesity life here looks like.

If you have any more questions feel free to ask Hope this helped!

Kind regards,

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