FLASHCARDS/ should I feel bad for revising with them ?

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Should I feel bad about revising with flashcards?

The majority of my classmates revise with mindmaps, and it overwhelms me when I see the final product of all of their mindmaps. I mean, they’re that compact with writing that you can barely see the whiteness of the A4 paper because they’re covered in that much ink.

I don’t use mindmaps because my mind doesn’t adjust well to them for 4 reasons:

(1) I need to be verbally and dynamically engaging with the content ; eg teaching it to myself in the mirror.

(2) mindmaps take a lot of time to write for myself, as I would be writing them with reluctance.

(3) mindmaps, in my opinion, are just jumbled. Like compared to flashcards, that you can zoom in on specific details, identify key links between knowledge over the flashcards as you go (which you can also do with mindmaps in all fairness), and then test yourself, it’s easier to arrange the information into a way that is clear and memorisable, with flashcards.

(4) because I’m a verbal and dynamic learner, I find flashcards effective to test the knowledge when I come back to them. I wouldn’t know where to start with mindmaps.

Now this is just my opinion. I can see why people use mindmaps. But in my situation, I am in the minority of people. After all, flashcards aren’t that bad are they ?
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No don't feel bad about it, use what ever works for you. Everyone learns in different ways and the battle is to find those skills that actually work for you.

I've used various means to revise and flash cards have been one of the best ways for me.

As a verbal learn something worth trying is saying the information out loud so you hear it, or recording it and playing it back to yourself.

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