A-Level Revision advice? (Bio, Socio, Psyc)

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I am currently studying Biology (OCR), Sociology (AQA) and Psychology (AQA) for A-Levels (Year 1) in sixth form.

If I'm completely honest with you all, I sort of flunked my GCSEs. It was down to mental health issues, stress and an arrangement of other personal issues but I currently have a much more positive approach to learning – which hopefully sticks around for once – and a greater thirst for learning.

My GSCE grades were predicted at grades 8-9s and I came out only achieving

7: Mathematics (EXCEL/GC), English Language (AQA)

6: Physics (AQA), Geography (AQA), Biology (AQA)

5: English Literature (AQA), Chemistry (AQA)

Which was a huge bummer because I was well aware that I had a much greater potential had my mood at the start of me taking GCSEs persistently stuck by me. Due to the downfall in grades my predicted grades are only A-Bs but I really do want to take that bigger leap and manage to achieve A*s in all my subjects and be proud of the results I come out with this time.

The issues are I really don’t really know where to get my sources from when it comes to revision. The Biology book I have is very repetitive and full of information I don’t necessarily need so is difficult to make notes on whereas I find the AQA sociology books to be a lot more concise and easy to make notes from.

My learning style is sort of difficult to grasp as it depends on what the subject is.

For Biology I prefer videos like those that CrashCourse share on YouTube which I find REALLY helps though I’m unsure if I’m getting all the information I require from watching these. – I’m more solitary with this.

For Sociology I prefer reading from the books and making notes or linguistic exercises like debates

And for Psychology I prefer kinaesthetic learning styles like recreating the studies and making notes from videos.

I’ve isolated myself from social media mostly and the majority of distractions I find that really stop me from working and am a lot more focused on my health so eating well and exercising which I wasn’t really doing during GCSEs. J

I guess I just need some more advice and sources that people also find useful.

Thank you so much for your help,

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Hi :hi:
I was struggling with Chemistry and Biology at the start of Y12, but then after a lot of research and working i'm currently getting A grades in them. I'll share my revision techniques below. Just remember that what works for one person may not work for you, but I hope this may be of help to you:

I learn the content from https://www.thestudentroom.co.uk/sho....php?t=5062288 first and check if it covers all the content from my textbook. I add some more detail to it (the 'HowScienceWorks' boxes that we all skip ) and then learn that too.

After doing that, all I do is PRACTICE QUESTIONS as I believe that this is the key to Biology as there are soo many application questions. I write down the questions that I got wrong and memorise them to prevent me from making that mistake in the future.
I memorise the Mark Scheme for as many questions as possible, as similar questions in biology will have an overlapping mark scheme which expects certain key words and won't give you the marks unless you state those 'exact words'.
I once lost marks for describing some equipment as 'accurate' but I got it wrong because the mark scheme only accepted the word 'precise'.

Where I get my Biology practice questions:
• Past and Specimen Papers for all AQA, OCR and Edexcel
• Physics&MathsTutor
• SaveMyExams
• Ask your teachers for more questions
• pxs biology

This subject is actually the easiest and most straight-forward one to revise for. LITERALLY, the only studying I do is memorising the Chemrevise revision notes and then doing past paper questions. The AQA Chemistry questions are soo repetitive so memorising mark schemes helps a lot! I also note down the questions I got wrong and learn the mark schemes to them.

Where I get my Chemistry practice questions:
• Past and Specimen Papers for all AQA, OCR and Edexcel
• Physics&MathsTutor
• SaveMyExams
• Ask your teacher for more questions
• A-LevelChemistry.com

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