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Hello All!
I don't really know who would be interested in my journey, but I'm starting this GYG as a way to motivate myself. I'm studying the IAL Edexcel syllabus:
-English Literature
My AS grades were AAB- the B being in Maths, Grr! Statistics!, which I have since resat in the October series. I'll be getting my results in January, so we'll see if I turned that B into an A.
Now on to the part which makes me slightly different than other GYGs (For the better or the worse? That, I don't know!) Is that I study at a school with a teeny tiny Year 13 (3 people) which means I have to homestudy A2 English Literature, as well as the D1 component of A2 Mathematics. C34 and Biology I'm doing at school!
So those are the basics. Feel free to ask any questions

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