Studying accounting and finance at the University of EXETER

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How hard is it to study there accounting and finance for an international student ?
I've got 7.5 band score in IELTS, know maths quite well, read some books about economics.
I'm gonna take an international year one in accounting and finance, to adapt to the UK study system and acquire some skills essential for writing essays... etc.
I'm extremely self-determined and if necessary, I'll sit and study for hours and hours to get the results. My main goal is to finish BA with the high GPA, so I'll have to get straight A s during my first years at the university. What would you suggest in my case? Will i be able to get A s if i study well ? I'm asking this, because I know that university is very demanding and that it is really hard to study there especially accounting and finance. What say you? Thanks in advance! Your help will be very much appreciated!
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You don't get letter grades or a GPA at UK universities, you get % grades which are divided into classifications.

The Business School courses are generally considered easy (other than maybe Economics, which is taught via the Business School at Exeter, and maybe of moderate difficulty), and a lot of students (especially many international students) end up transferring into them from "harder" courses (e.g. Physics, Law, Engineering) to coast through and get a low effort 2:1 or moderate effort 1st.

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