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Hey guys any reply would be great here lol. My project so far is a news and weather app on your iphone (made in swift). It displays multiple news articles with pics that you can click on to go and view the actual article. you can also change the news source so e.g from bbc to the sun news. the weather part you can search for a place and it will give the weather for there with a pic that comes up corresponding to the weather, you can also click a button which finds the long and lat of where u are conevert that to a place use another api to find the weather and then the app speaks to you and tells you the weather of your location. I dont think this is enough so i was thinking of adding this:

1) a button that reads the news for you once you have clicked on a article
2) a login system however i want to use firebase which is an online database where i can also implement a face recognition system... would i still get marks for this as its not sql and i dont have to create the database from code myself? but also if i do this i could do hashing which secures ur password and is on the mark scheme
3) maybe use coredata or sqlite to save evey newslink that comes in then a person can search for news and then with this i can aslo add a sort algorithm so random news can come up from multiple news sources.

Is all of this too much. would this get an A*?

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