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Hey guys!?
Can you please suggest me which is the good university (among Oxford Brookes university and University of Salford) for Masters in Construction management?In terms of campus life, employer reputation, professor, placements etc.
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Hi, thanks so much for considering Brookes Image

As a current student obviously I love Brookes, sadly I can't specifically tell you specifically about a masters in Construction Management as I'm a Philosophy student, however you can find our course brochure here:
The course webpage here:
And feel free to contact the department if you have any specific questions at: [email protected]

But I can tell you about life at Brookes as a student so here are some things I find genuinely great here at Brookes:

Brookes have an amazing careers service to help you find a part time job. As Oxford is a city there are so many jobs, and Brookes is the only university in Oxford that allows their students to get part time jobs so there's always something going. Our careers service also helps you in the 3 years after your graduation!

At Brookes I think everyone is so friendly, we have around 19,000 students here which is a pretty average sized uni, although some universities have up to 40,000, so we are on the smaller side compared to those. Even though you still might think Brookes is a fairly big uni this comes with its perks. The support that our Wellbeing service provide is amazing I honestly can't praise them enough. If you have any problems you are usually provided with a personal Wellbeing officer who you can get to know really well and can put measures in place for all your lectures, coursework etc should you need it.

Academic Support:
There is also lots of support in place on your course, you will be given an Academic Adviser, who is a lecturer on your course, who you can chat to, keep track of progress with, discuss work with, they will give you advice on the best modules for your career or interests etc. They are such a great idea and always so lovely. Your course will also have a dedicated librarian who can help you find resources for any work that you may be doing and you will also have Subject Support Coordinators who help you with all academic aspects of your course, no matter what the question, they'll always help you.

If you're worried about the 'names' of universities affecting your future I have to say that I personally believe that a good classification degree with plenty of work experience and showing passion for your career or subject is more important than a degree from any university in particular. For me and I also believe a lot of employers, it’s far more important that you are a well rounded person than someone with a degree from a ‘prestigious’ uni.
To help students who may want to work abroad after university we not only use traditional degree classifications (1st, 2:1, 2:2 etc.) but we also use GPA which is internationally recognised. Here's some more information:
We also ave some pretty impressive ranking ourselves though!
  • Brookes is the UK’s #1 university for teaching and research in THE Young University rankings 2018.
  • Brookes is the only UK uni ranked in the QS University World Rankings Top 50 Under 50.
  • We have risen 16 places in the guardian league table in the past two years.
  • And we are “among the world’s top universities” in 14 subjects according to the QS world rankings.

There are lots of options for accommodation at Brookes, all are great for different people depending on what type of thing you like, which campus you'd like to be close to, what your budget is, what course you do (some courses require longer contracts) or if you need family accommodation.
Here's a link to our accommodation page which gives you all the details of each hall:

Personally I live at Westmintser Halls on Harcourt Hill, I love it there because it's so close to all of my lectures, it slightly more out of the city and there's so much wildlife around campus, which is something I love. However, if you want to be closer to Headington, Wheatly or the City Centre you might to try a different hall. (All are connected by Brookes Busses though, which are currently free to students on a full time course.)

Choosing a hall is a really personal choice so it's hard to give advice on which hall is 'best' because it's different for everyone Image
I would say the best advice is to have a look at all the different accommodation options online, (including the virtual tours!) take a look at where they all are on a map compared to where you will study and then make a list of which look best for you, taking into consideration size, location, age, course specific and your budget Image

Other things:
At Brookes we also have great unions who run societies and events. They also offer an advice service for student, independently from the uni. You can check out this and everything else they do here:

At Brookes we are also investing a lot into our uni at the moment to ensure that student have the best facilities possible. You can check out the plans here:

Honestly, I only have good things to say about Brookes, it's my second home and I love it there. If at all possible I'd really recommend that you pop along to an open day, or book a personal tour Image &

If there's anything else you want to know please just ask, we're more than happy to help.

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University of Salford
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(Original post by Reno Ireanius)
Hey guys!?
Can you please suggest me which is the good university (among Oxford Brookes university and University of Salford) for Masters in Construction management?In terms of campus life, employer reputation, professor, placements etc.

Hello Reno,

My name is Rhys and I'm a second year student here at the University of Salford. While I study Broadcast Journalism, I'm hoping that I can help you envisage what student life at Salford is like.

I have to be honest, I'm loving my time at Salford, and am certain that for myself, it was the right decision. Although I must come clean and say that when I was looking at universities, I thought they were all amazing! When it came down to it, just like yourself, I had to choose between Salford and another fantastic uni, and as I'm sure you know from experience, it's a tough call to make.

Our MSc Construction Management programme is RICS, CIOB and APM accredited. As well as being internationally recognised, the course development has been led by industry to ensure that material is relevant to current industry trends and emerging future skills areas in construction management. I've provided a like below which will take you to our course profile, where you'll be able to find all the information on MSc Contruction Management.

As well as this, the course is taught within our School of the Built Environment, which has been a leader in the research agenda in the industry for more than 20 years, and is a top rated school in the national Research Assessment Exercises. In addition to this, the school continues to hold its leading position in the QS World Ranking list of the world's top 100 universities for Architecture and the Built Environment.

For me, a huge factor was that the University is based just a 15 minute walk from Manchester's city centre, so it really is a vibrant and convenient location to study. As well as this, Greater Manchester has undergone, and is due to undergo further major redevelopment projects in the next decade, including MediaCityUK Phase Two. This has led some of Europe's largest construction magnates to our doorstep, perfect for those looking to transition from university life into employment with industry-leaders.

You're more than welcome to come and visit us here at the University during one of our Postgraduate Open Days. The second link provided will give you information on our next event which is 28th November. Should you wish to come, you'll be able to book onto the Open Day via the page provided. Alternatively, if you're in the situation I found myself in, where it was too far to travel for one day, you can take a look at our student blog 'Made in Salford' that covers all aspects of student life. I've provided a link for the blog below also.


I hope this has given you a bit of insight. I wish you the best of luck with your decision making, and please do get back in touch with us if you want to chat about anything else. We'd also be more than happy to put you in touch with a current student on this course if that would help?

Take care,

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