My Education Policies to Make Education Great Again!

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Hello there, these are my education policies to make Great British education great again! I will post my policies in regards to schools and universities as well:

  • Make all state schools independent of the state. Assets of council owned schools to be transferred to independent foundations chosen by a governing body with support of parents. The foundation can be a charity, church, parent, teacher co-operative or commercial business that agrees to “pay” for the school via making financial investment in it
  • Schools should be able to succeed or fail on their own, schools that don’t succeed at attracting pupils should not be topped up by government and persist in mediocrity to the permanent damage of children who still attend
  • Independent schools will be open to competition from new entrants in the market
  • Abolish the National Curriculum in England, Wales and Northern Ireland
  • Abolish the Curriculum for Excellence in Scotland as well as Scottish qualifications such as Nationals and Highers replacing them with GCSEs and A Levels
  • Scrap Criterion referencing to stop grade inflation
  • All parents to have the right to request and receive an education voucher from the local education authority which provides the money currently spent on their child’s school place and take it to a school of their choice
  • Specialist counselling services in all secondary schools
  • Provide a system of national service for young people who have been expelled from the schooling system multiple times as well as young offenders
  • Schools to fly the British flag and create a UK pledge of allegiance for school pupils to recite at school to enhance the idea of a patriotic Britain


  • Replace tuition fees with a 'Higher Education Fund' in which all graduates earning above £25,000 would pay into through a 9% levy on income over a 30-year period, also allow employers to pay into the ‘Higher Education Fund’ for degrees critical to their organisations such as STEM degrees
  • Reintroduce maintenance grants for students from lower income families
  • Scrap UCAS and mandate all universities to have their own systems of processing applications and admissions, just like colleges in Scotland and universities in the USA
  • Mandate universities to have ‘US style degrees’ by which students are admitted by the university itself and not declare a prospective subject, students should not be held to any subject until they decide on a major and a minor at the end of their second year. This will offer more flexibility to students at university and allow students to change their mind on what degree to major in before graduation
  • Former polytechnic universities to become ‘Institutes of Technology’ with a huge emphasis on STEM, as well as offering FAME and other vocational degree programmes
  • Degrees in the arts, humanities and social sciences to only be offered at Russell Group and other red brick universities, with places reduced by a third and restricted to traditional subjects in arts, humanities and social sciences and not new bogus subjects such as "Gender Studies"
  • Professional degrees such as law, medicine, dentistry, veterinary medicine and, in part, business to become postgraduate degrees and allow undergraduate students from any discipline to still be eligible to get into a top professional programme in these competitive professions. Also remove cap on medicine placements for UK nationals


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