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So back in secondary school, from Year 7, I had a huge crush on someone- it was a big deal for me, since It was the only crush I've ever had. I didn't tell any of my friends, and just kept it as a secret. This carried on till Year 10, when I started disliking him a bit (he started hanging around with the wrong crowd, long story). I'm in Year 13 now, and I go to a different school, but I still see him around town.

I've never talked to anyone this, so I have no clue if it's normal or not. I thought that I stopped liking him in Year 10, but I sometimes think about old memories with him? As I've mentioned before, I've only had one crush on anyone, and I'm scared that I'll never have a crush on anyone again? And do you think it's normal for me to think about him? Does that mean I still have a crush on him?

Thank you
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Your experience is perfectly normal! No one is going to have the exact same experience anyway. I think as you haven't found another crush (yet) it is normal that occasionally your mind would find its way back to an old crush. I've had a crush before that took me 1-2 years to get over. You will again, someday, find a new crush and hopefully it'llbe more of a dating situation. Don't stress about your feelings - crush feelings are hard to control - so just live your best today and focus on what's important and the crush/dating will sort its self out.....
But, remember you are still young (even though it might not feel that way to you) you have plenty of time in the future for crushing and dating.

Best of Luck!

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