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Hi, I think of going to uni in London starting 2019, at either UCL (offer received) or LSE (if I get an offer). I was wondering how much the living costs are. I know London is expensive but if anyone could please tell me what my early budget should be approximately.

Also, if I’m and EU student am I eligible for the maintenance loan?

And, when should I start looking for accommodation? Is it recommened to stay on campus in y1 or rent my own place with friends?

When should I apply for the government loan?
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As an EU student, unless you have lived in the UK for a long time, you would not be eligible for the maintenance loan. Eligibility for this is based on your residence, not your nationality. You should apply for the fees loan as soon as you have a confirmed place (as SFE can be a bit useless). You can always cancel it later on,

Most people will rent a room in halls for first year. Some international students prefer private halls as you tend to be able to organise these further in advance. The uni will usually advise you about this process and it varies from uni to uni. Many unis only guarantee halls accommodation to students who have "firmed" them.

In London, the maximum maintenance loan is £11,354. In theory, the UK government believes this is enough to live on from September to June/July when the academic year will finish. Therefore, very roughly, you would be looking at around £1,100 a month to cover your rent and living costs. This fits in with LSE's suggestion to budget £1,100-1,300 a month for rent + living costs. London is a very expensive city.

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