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Dream uni or relationship? watch

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    I've been with my boyfriend for 2 years now and everything is great between us but I'm going to university next year. He is doing an apprenticeship and we have always spoken about studying close to each other but I am now considering going to a uni which is quite far and don't know how to tell him. Should I find a university closer to him or study elsewhere, knowing we probably will split up?
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    Depends. What uni are we talking here?
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    Is it possible for you both to travel to see each other? I know quite a few couples who are making long distance work at uni so that is possible. I would also consider what draws you to the uni and why you prefer it to a uni closer to your boyfriend. In the end it is up to you and you should do whichever you think will make you happiest. Is the closer university still good&is the student life good there? Will you enjoy your time there? Or would you resent your boyfriend because you didn’t get to go to your dream uni? I understand that its a huge decision and its really hard to choose because I was almost faced with having to make the same choice and it did worry me(in the end I decided to take a year out from uni as I didn’t know what I wanted to do and now the course I want is at the uni my boyfriend is going to so it all worked out in the end!) I would also consider how long you realistically think the relationship will last if you don’t move away because there is no point in basing your future on a relationship that isn’t going to last very long. If you think the relationship will outlive your time at uni and will make you happier then I personally would choose your boyfriend but young relationships aren’t the most stable so sometimes its not the best idea to base a big life choice around them. Also is his apprenticeship in a fixed location or could he apply for one closer to your dream uni? I hope everything works out for you though and that you make the choice that is best for you!

    I always think you should go with what’s right for your future and not be held back by relationships with people. Relationships aren’t always permanent and going long distance for part of the year (remember you do have month long holidays at uni where you can come home and see him) will be a good test to show if your relationship is really worthwhile and strong.If it’s meant to be, it will be so if you guys really are meant to be together I genuinely believe you will make it through uni and whatever distance. You can’t guarantee you’ll stay together even if you study close.Try and see uni as the next adventure with your partner - it’ll be a chance for you guys to explore a new city together, he could stay over at the weekend and it’ll be a mini experience of what living together is like - see uni as a positive adventure with your partner, not a challenge!

    Go long distance, I have done that for nearly two years with my boyfriend and I'm going to uni next September and doing the same. He's 3 hours away by train but we still get the train, drive etc to see each other.
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