Oxford’s Stormzy snub is not the only thing wrong with the university

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The Guardian has published an article discussing evidence that shows ethnic minority applicants and students are treated unfairly.

It says the problems start long before students even get to the university. It is no secret that, at Oxford, applicants from ethnic minorities are less likely to get a place than white applicants.

The university has lots of excuses for this:
  • black and minority-ethnic students apply to more competitive courses (true).
  • Or inequalities in the British education system start much earlier (also true).

But that doesn’t look like the whole picture.

Data released each year by the Universities and Colleges Admissions Service, for example, shows that even when you control for course choice and for A-level attainment, Oxford is still less likely to give a British ethnic-minority applicant an offer than a white applicant.

In fact, if you are from an Asian background and applied for entry between 2015 and 2017, you were about 20-40% less likely to get an offer than your course choice and A-level grades would suggest. If you were white, you were 3-4% more likely to get a place than your course and A-level grades suggest.

A recent internal report from the university counts up the number of applicants in the past few years whom Oxford rejected and who went on to exceed the minimum A-level offer by more than two grades. This number was in the hundreds, and a disproportionate number weren’t white.

Read the full article here

What do you think?
Reality Check
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:yawn: They could stuff a college full of BAME disadvantaged, underprivileged and a host of other buzz words and The Grauniad would still whine on about diversity and how Something Must Be Done about Oxford.

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