Class difference in educational achievement

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Tomi oyepeju
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Evaluate the view that class difference in educational achievement are mainly the result of material deprivation
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i preassume this is 20 marks so what i will do is
intro -> define material deprivation, relate how it affects educational achievement (lack of econoomic capital means they cant afford stationery requrired to exam -> borrow from school etc etc) counter balance with internal factor e.g. labelling and explain briefly how it is worse than material deprivation e.g. labelling proposes a meaning attached to someone which can be internalised and not be solved unless the working class student rejects it (which is rare considering they are working class) and can not be solved unlike material deprivation. Link to question overall to a certain extent differences in educational acheivement are the results of material deprivation because of ..... and it isnt fully because of......

paragraph 1: how material deprivaton affects eductation achievement in terms of nutrion and use howard and wilkinson as my evidence supporting my point. Evaluate with cultural deprivation also taking an affect e.g. working class are usually linguistically deprived as they elaborated code (bernstein). Also, consider the fact that with material deprivation, working class can also seek help from the state e.g. welfare benefits allowing to afford some sort of nutrion and not completly limited as howard and wilkinson describe it. (Link to question use intro method)

paragraph 2 how material deprivaton affects eductation achievement housing -> cramped housing evalaute with other internal factor affecting education e.g. streaming and explain that to working class achievement and link to question.

paragraph 3 fear of debt e.g. working class will be scared to push their children as they will have many loans to pay back and make them do alternatives e.g. full time employment and evaluate with working class have choice and dont act like robots sooo may decide to send their child to uni to earn the capital they never had and provide the best for them etc etc


Hope this helped!! if theres anything else you want to ask feel free to email me [email protected] ill be sure to help out

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