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When I got an offer for this accommodation, I found nothing online and was absolutely terrified about moving in so here’s a review for anyone moving in next year. Ifor Evans Place is two blocks of flats set facing each other with a courtyard between them. One block backs on the main road, the other backs onto a Jewish cemetery. All flats are set out vertically with a kitchen on the ground floor and the 6 flats stacked on top with 2 rooms on each floor. Your flat is the number and the letter is the room, so 01A would be flat 1 and room A. There’s 96 rooms total. Your key has a card and an actual key- the card is for the main gates (one by the street and one at the back which leads to the cemetery and Albert stern house, the actual key opens both the flat door and your individual room (don’t worry, nobody in your flat can open your room with their key).This accommodation is technically off campus but it takes less than 5 mins to get to lectures. The nearest tube station is Stepney Green, which if you’re going into central London is ever so slightly cheaper than if you were going from Mile End Station. It’s also a less than 5 minutes walk to Wetherspoons and a 10 minute walk away from Asda- don’t waste your money in co-op or Sainsbury’s- Asda is way cheaper and not that much further away. In terms of social life, I think these flats are better than the ones on campus. There may be less students but there’s definitely a sense of community, especially with the courtyard. People from Albert Stern House next door hung out with us a lot too. Tip: during freshers the courtyard is still warm, if there’s people sitting out there go out and speak to them- this is your chance to make friends before winter when nobody goes out there at all. The flats themselves are not that bad considering it’s £132/week- one of the cheapest accommodation. The kitchen is pretty spacious with a cooking area and a table- however no sofa and no TV. All rooms have a desk, bed, bedside table, bookshelves, and loads of storage space. There are obviously drawbacks to living in one of the cheapest accommodation though, real talk: - you have to share a bathroom with 3 people-sometimes there are rats by the bins -sometimes the main gate doesn’t open straight away -if you’re in the back flats, your kitchen looks out on the brick wall of the cemetery but if you’re in the front flats, your kitchen is super loud and polluted from Mile End Road. -The flats themselves aren’t particularly pretty but they’re still clean and functionality Any questions feel free to commentExtra tip- the maintenance guys are not very motivated, if your request goes unanswered you’ll need to pester them by phoning

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