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What can be done when you don’t understand a concept or find it difficult to memorize a long answer or a theoretical answer?

Repeating the readings is one way to gain an in-depth understanding. It may work for a specific concept and may not be feasible for other topics.

The best way to excel in difficult topics while studying for Board exams is to opt for Mind Map activity.

Mind mapping is one of the best learning techniques to capture all the scattered and/or crowded ideas into a visual form. It helps you to memorize sharp, and solve the problems effectively. More than that, it inculcates and refines your creativity.

Mind Mapping technique is also known as Spider Diagrams, Concept Mapping, Spray Diagrams or the Notetaking.

A mind map activity involves a drawing which connects all the information concerned to a subject. The diagram can be compared to a tree, wherein the trunk forms the main topic and the branches as the subtopics. The branches can be further extended for many levels and linked together.

For instance:

If you take India, Country is the core, from which branches like states arise, and internal branches form the districts, taluk, town, villages, and so forth. And, all these can be linked together.

As the mind map is compact, it helps you to associate the concepts quickly and recall them without fail as required. You can break the concept or project into smaller chunks to manage and remember appropriately by including all sensitive points.

Benefits of Using Mind Mapping Technique for Students Taking Board Exams:

Easy Notes:
The notes could be made easy for studying during the exam preparation days. It reduces the notebook size to a few sheets. You can prepare the notes and revisit them as often required and during last minute revision times.

Essay Writing:
Essay writing is a compulsory part of the Board exam paper for the languages 1, 2, and 3 as well. Creating a mind map helps you to quickly list the ideas into paragraphs and bullet points. Further, you can easily connect them easily.

Exam Preparation:
It is easy to prepare for the exam with the mind maps ready in hand for all the major topics. You can also memorize and create another map quickly such that your revision period is reduced to a greater extent. You can relax as well, as your confidence level is boosted already.
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You can spend a lot of time colouring and drawing pictures, allowing you to procrastinate from doing work whilst you hurtle towards your inevitable failure in the terminal exam.

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