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im looking at becoming a nurse and would like to study health and social care at college next year. im quite shy and struggle to make friends which is pretty nerving for me. can anybody whos done this course tell me what its like, what type of modules are studied, coursework/exams ect? and how is college gonna be different from secondary school?
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Hi, I'm currently on my second year of the course, I have studied H&SC for 5 years now (Y10, Y11, Level 2, Level 3 Y1 and Y2) I can assure you if you want to be a nurse, this is the best course for you, literally everyone on my course is applying either to nursing or midwifery, unis really like this course as it a vocational course and 100% linked to the profession! The course is completely coursework based, there are no exams ( or at least I'm not aware of them) but trust me the workload is MORE than enough, I would dare to say out of all BTEC courses, H&SC has the biggest workload of the lot. In the first year, you will complete modules like effective communication in H&SC, equality and diversity, anatomy and physiology, values and planning... you will be expected to do extra reading and research as it is unlikely you will achieve the highest grade (D) if you write your assignments only based on the information delivered in lectures. I have achieved Distinctions in all my assignments in the first year and so far in the second, the average amount of pages for D grades assignments are anything from 35 to 50 pages. (although do remember its always quality over quantity) There's different criteria you have to meet in order to obtain the distinction, I would go into more detail but it is quite difficult to explain and a bit confusing if you've never come across with the system but your lecturers will explain how grades are achieved. In the second year you are expected to choose a specific route within the h&sc sector (either Social studies if you want to go on to uni to do psychology, criminology, sociology, etc.. or health studies, if you want to do nursing, midwifery, speech therapy..) therefore, your units will be related to the route you choose, hope it helped! let me know if you have any questions

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