Ravensbourne or LCF for fashion business course! Very torn...

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Good afternoon everyone! I’m an international applicant who received conditional offers from both Ravensbourne and LCF (ual) which are my top choices. I applied for fashion marketing at LCF and fashion buying and brand management at Ravensbourne.

It’s been a bit difficult to find an up to date comparison of these two schools. LCF is definitely pricier, much bigger and seems to have a lot of international students; it also has pretty unsatisfactory reviews in terms of its marketing course. Ravensbourne is a bit less of a financial investment, is smaller and just seems a lot more hands on and modern.

I’ll definitely have to do more of my own research, but I was hoping I could find some newer insight from some of you. I should note that I’m also a mature student (will be 24 for September) so I’m not too interested in the uni party life and social nights assuming most of my course mates will be 18-20. More interested in the course in general and career opportunity / events pertaining to fashion.
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I do not know which of them you have decided to go to as you posted it a year ago. If I were you, I would go for Ravensbourne instead of LCF because of smaller class. The smaller class the more help you will get. LCF has better "status" than Ravensbourne though. Would you prefer to go to LCF for the status or Ravensbourne for the more help ? I would suggest you to go to Open Day in both of them and find it out for yourself.

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