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So there are two sixth forms I want to go to and I genuinely cannot decide. At alevel I wanna do art, psychology, English lit, and history (early modern preferably)
The first option is the school I’m in rn, I love the teachers, and the environment is one I’m familiar with. They have good history and English departments especially (some of my favourite teachers are English lit, and there’s a choice in history about early modern or modern). Their art department is not so good, but idk if that’s from my y9 gcse experience, when I had a substitute for the whole year. The psychology teacher is lovely, and likes to make sure her lessons aren’t boring (she’s chosen an exam as different as possible to our gcse course so any who continue it into alevel aren’t bored), and explains things clearly and simply. They get good grades, and allow student to take 3-5 alevels (five is only for students doing further maths)
The second option is the school I was originally going to for secondary, before I changed. The English alevel gives you more freedom over the coursework and the art department was incredible. History was underwhelming, as it wasn’t split between early/modern, and was topics that I’m not interested in. The school was very vocal about getting grades that are good for the individual student which is nice. The psychology teacher was good, she seemed to know her stuff, but used a lot of technical psychology terms when talking to kids with no psychology knowledge so I’m a bit hesistant about her. The school lets you choose 3-4 alevels (4 is mainly for further maths, they’ll encourage you strongly to drop down to three), but allows you to stay on for ‘y14’ if you didn’t succeed in y13. It is one of the best sixth forms in my city, according to ofsted, and have sent 37 students to Oxbridge over the past five years.
For me, I would like to do four alevels, I struggle in unfamiliar environments, but I enjoy creative freedom as much as possible, especially in academic subjects. I don’t work as hard in subjects I’m not interested in. I do have ambitions to go to oxbridge. Out of my alevels, if I had to drop one, it might be art that is dropped.
I’m not looking for clear, this is what you should do, just anyyyyy possible advice would be really helpful.
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Choose the one you feel most at home at. No matter how good a school is the grades you get are up to you , if you arent happy there it will make it all the more difficult to do as well as you can.

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