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I’m from the US and am currently applying to eight colleges between the US and Scotland. That’s a lot, but I have to have multiple options for economic reasons. Somehow I ended up researching colleges in Scotland and found there that I really really like:
St. Andrews
University of Aberdeen
University of Glasgow

Money wise, Aberdeen seems like my best option and I really think I would be happy at any of them. Does anyone have any advice for applying to them through the common application? As an American, what are my chances of getting in in general? Comparing the three, which do you think would be my best option, economically, as an international student?

Thank you, and sorry if this isn’t quite the right place. Any advice is welcome, this is such a new thing for me
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What is it money-wise that's better about Aberdeen? I've heard that rent isn't particularly cheap there, because of the oil industry, and the city is going through some pretty tough times atm because of that. RGU, which is another uni based in Aberdeen reckons rent is between £380 - 680 per month. Tbh I would have guessed at Glasgow being the cheapest place, but I haven't looked at fees or anything else like that.

RBS student living index ( says average rents are:

St Andrews £543.94
Aberdeen £403.19
Glasgow £373.48

but do bear in mind that they don't have huge sample sizes for those figures!
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Aberdeen is cheaper than Glasgow - at least if you decide to stay in halls. Halls start from 89 pounds per week in Aberdeen, in Glasgow they’re all above 100 pounds.

I’d say apply to all three and then decide. Glasgow is the second best Uni in Scotland after Edinburgh, and Aberdeen has surpassed St Andrews in the Times Higher Education Rankings 2019, and has been voted Scottish University of the Year.

I studied in Aberdeen and I loved the uni. It is such a welcoming place, everyone is super helpful and there is always something happening on campus.
The gym is huge and it offers so many courses, plus the Uni itself is home to hundreds of great societies and sport clubs.

I can’t comment on Glasgow or St Andrews, because I haven’t studied there.

I know though that Aberdeen is one of the most international universities in the UK and in my course there were a lot of US students as well.
I actually only met around 10 people from Scotland, everyone else was international. But that may have just been because of my course.
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