Is this Self Plagiarism?

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I am a second year languages student whom is doing a History module as one of their free choices. The final essay for this history module (50%) has set questions to choose from.
I decided to choose "In what ways did the May Fourth movement reshape Chinese society"

Now, in my previous year I did a somewhat similar essay for a different course as part of my languages degree. ('Intro to Chinese Studies' was the course this essay was for).
This essay was titled "Can the events of May Fourth be seen as a substantial cause in the development of Chinese nationalism?"

Now, my point is that both are very similar in that nationalism was one of the key results of the movement. It is inevitable that overlaps will occur in both essays. I have spoken about society in detail throughout my previous essay as it was relevant to explaining the backlash against traditionalism within society during that time period.

Even if I do not specifcally quote from my previous essay, or use similar sources, nor aim to rewrite what I wrote previously. Can I still be accused of self plagiarism?

My aim was simply to make it easier on myself and do an essay on something I have actually researched before.

Will the marker know I have previously done an essay similar to this even if turnitin doesn't flag up any plagiarism?
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