May's Disastrous EU Deal Unpicked By Lawyers

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Martin Howe QC has picked through the (imho) traitorous EU deal that May has proposed and provided some very enlightening details.


Once Accepted We Can't get Out

"The most important point about the draft Brexit withdrawal agreement is that, once it is ratified, the United Kingdom will have no legal route out of it unless the EU agrees to let us out and replace it with another agreement. This makes it unique among trade treaties (including the EU’s), which always contain clauses allowing each party to withdraw on notice. Politicians who claim that this is just a bad treaty — one we can get out of later — are being ignorant or disingenuous."

"Halfway through the 585-page document, we find Art. 185, which states a Northern Ireland Protocol ‘shall apply as from the end of the transition period’. Once the Protocol is in force, the UK cannot leave it except by ‘joint’ decision of the UK and the EU. This gives the EU a right of veto over the UK’s exit. In agreeing to this clause, the government has caved in over seeking a right to leave."

It Kills Our Ability To Establish Trade Deals

"The EU has a huge (£95 billion) surplus in goods trade with the UK. This customs union gives the EU tariff-free access for its export goods into the UK market. It also forces the UK to maintain the EU’s high tariffs against competing goods from other countries. As one might expect, this is advantageous to EU exporters but catastrophically damaging to the UK. It prevents us from lowering tariffs if we want to in order to benefit our consumers. More importantly, it kills stone dead the possibility of forging trade deals with fast-growing economies around the world. They are not going to give us free trade in our services exports if we can’t offer concessions in return on their goods exports to us."

I recommend people read the whole article.

That we find ourselves even having to consider such a UK damaging and EU centred deal is a travesty. May is clearly an EU Stooge doing what she is told. We have to rid UK politics of the EU infestation which runs through it.

The EU of its own accord (and via the EU stooge politicians in government) are NEVER going to let us out of the EU. Just ain't gonna happen.

We are at a critical point in society and the history of the UK where our most basic tenets of justice and constitution, democracy, are at risk and are being run roughshod over by powermad EU megalomaniacs.

This must not stand. We have to stand up and demand that our government acts for the people and carries out the will of a majority democratic vote.

What we currently have is a Prime Minister engaging in the act of Treason, trying to sign us up to a deal that will leave us inside the EU to all intents and purposes and for an indefinite period. Worse still, a deal that if accepted, would see us legally bound into it with no subsequent way to quit. A one-way trip.

After all these months to come up with this ridiculous pile of excrement is an absolute travesty.

That May MUST resign is unquestionable. That or be forced out.

This deal MUST be rejected by all genuine UK citizens be they politicians or not. We must demand that a deal is negotiated that DOES actually get us out of the EU, completely, irrefutably and permanently.

This is nothing but a circus sideshow, an utter pantomime of EU puppet politicians dancing to Juncker's tune.

The EU is collapsing whether we stay in or leave. Greece is Daffy Ducked. The Italian economy is in crisis. When we leave the EU will have a massive hole in it's financial pot as we will no longer be contributing.

France and Germany I believe have already told Juncker to stuff it and that they won't be paying any more money into that pot to make up the UK's element. The EU I believe will be left to introduce even more austerity measures across the member states to balance the books and I honestly don't think the member states will wear it.

The EU is absolutely DESPERATE for the UK to stay. I mean really desperate. Hence the colossal social media campaigns we are seeing where EU promoting stooges are posting propaganda on an hourly basis trying to change people's minds about leaving.

Hopefully most see through that BS rhetoric.

We absolutely MUST leave the EU asap. The ship is sinking and there is no point us sinking with it. We must look after our own affairs, our own people. Enough is enough.

The EU is desperate. They fear GrExit, FrExit, GExit, SwExit and all the rest. Don't be swayed and stand firm.

May's deal is an absolute betrayal of the UK's interests. She must go.

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(Original post by PilgrimOfTruth)
May's deal is an absolute betrayal of the UK's interests. She must go.
Couldn't agree more. We should remain members of the EU instead.

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