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I want to study sociology at university and have 5 offers from Durham, Bath, Exeter, Leeds and Sussex. But now I am doubting myself because of the bad reputation Sociology seems to get. I love the subject and am passionate about it, but I'm worried that employers or MA admissions tutors will not be impressed by it. (I am considering going into law, but am unsure. I know it is very competitive, which is why I am worried)
I know that it is regarded as a 'useless' subject by many.
Also, I would love to go to Durham, but I am afraid Durham students might be even more snobby about what degree I do. I care a lot about what people think of me and wouldn't be able to ignore this.
Am I being irrational about this? What is your opinion on a degree in sociology, even if it is from a prestigious university? Do you think a Sociology degree would be less highly regarded than one in other related subjects such as Politics, Philosophy or Psychology when applying to do a law conversion course?
I'm sorry this is so jumbled!
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Who exactly is it that you think is "frowning upon" anything?

Top tip: the only place this exists is on TSR. Just like "being looked down upon" or "judged".

If you're that sensitive about it, just tell people you read Political Science.

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