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I have applied for Geology to most places and only to one for geophysics because I don't know what to do!!

I want to do a degree in geology but would prefer to take it alongside with geography. However, I want to continue to do masters and research in volcanology after my degree for a while until I want to settle down. Once I have settled down then I intend on becoming a geography teacher.

Here are my issues:

University of Exeter, BSc geology - great reputation for uni, amazing facilities, but SO MINING directed. Not the course I want. May or may not switch to bsc geography - but this hinders my ability to take volcanology as a masters
offer AAB but have offered flexibility should I choose it to be my firm choice

University of Plymouth, BSc geology - not as a good reputation for uni, great facilities, and amazing course. entry requirements minimum C in geog/maths
unconditional if firm

University of East Anglia, BSc Geophysics - they don't have a geology degree alone, this matches the scientific level I need for masters. May or may not switch to geology w/ geography because I want to go into teaching geography afterwards so not sure if geophysics is the right choice - although the course seems fab. but geology with geog is not as scientific as just geology or geophysics

University of St Andrews, BSc Geology - fab course fab uni fab location, distance is a bit of a problem seeing as I live on the other side of the country! entry requirements AAB

the issue is that I love the geology/geophysics courses but I want to continue with things like migration at university and not leave too much geography behind either. I'm the type of person that needs a balance of the two together.

Any advice is much appreciated xxxx
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What was your 5th choice?

From what you’ve written none of these really look like they suit your requirements, but you obviously have a strong application. If you aren’t happy with any of your offers then it’s possible to decline them all and apply elsewhere through extra. One benefit of the fact that most applicants have no idea that geology exists (never mind that it’s a great degree to study) is that even the best universities often have space available in extra.

I’m not saying that this is something you SHOULD do but hold off on picking your firm and insurance on Track. Do a bit more research into geology degrees with a larger number of optional choices (so you can still bring in geography content) and where they have strong petrology, geochem and volcanology modules (and/or field trips to volcanic regions). Then in February when vacancies are released for Extra you can make a decision about whether to stick with one of your current choices or whether to decline your offers and apply to a better fit through extra.

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