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I am a college student in my 2nd year finishing my project. I wanted to create a bathroom mirror that has a demister pad fitted. I was hoping to ask a few questions on this forum to help with my project, any feedback is great:
which material is best suited for a bathroom demister mirror frame? (wood/plastic/metal)
do you prefer big mirrors across the whole bathroom wall or small ones?
would a heated mirror be something you'd consider buying over a normal bathroom mirror if it was around £40 - £70?

Many thanks, Joe!
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Hey Joe :hello: nice to see you have had a good think about your product before asking questions
I would steer away from wood on its own personally, MDF etc swells badly with water ingress and even hardwoods can have problems with water ingress because of their pores. You would have to treat the wood with yacht varnish or something.
I think it depends largely on the type of bathroom, is this meant for large studio open plan bathrooms or for more old houses where perhaps a treated would frame would go better with the interior?
Plastic could perhaps look a bit tacky and cheap of you aren't careful so consider the type of plastic carefully, acrylic with a mirror type of backing you could get away with
Metal would be more expensive so it depends on who the market is, are they quite wealthy? Can they afford it? Do they want the mirror as a kind of show centre piece to show off in the bathroom?
If you do use metal don't use ferrous metals for obvious reasons.
Really in terms of size etc you need to ask your market ( unless of course your market is students but I doubt this as students live in rentals most of the time or with their parents so they aren't choosing mirrors!)
£40 to £70 sounds reasonable for the whole mirror, demistifier and frame but again it depends on your market, is this for more middle class families with more disposable income?
Have you thought of creating a survey and sending it out to your target market? Asking the questions you have asked here?

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