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International Student want to do a PHD in UK how is the best way to get this financed
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Hi, I've moved your thread to postgraduate applications

I believe research council funding (the usual source of funding for home students) is quite limited for international students, although I think there are some opportunities for funded studentships (particularly if you are an EU student, currently - Brexit may change that however). Beyond that some universities will have internal funding opportunities and there are some external organisations you can apply to (such as the Gates Foundation and Fullbright Commission) depending on your background. These tend to be few in number and very competitive as I understand though...

Outside of that it would be looking at funding from your countries government to do a PhD abroad (usually with the expectation that you return to work there); I'm not sure the extent of these schemes or where they are offered however. There is also self funding as an option but this is very expensive. Some universities allow part time PhDs, which can help you spread the cost if self funding, or allow a one year interruption to work (usually in some capacity related to the PhD) and earn some money towards it after being accepted (although usually they'll expect you to demonstrate you can pay for at least some part of the course, if not have all the funds ready before starting).
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