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Ive been with my girlfriend for nearly 4 years now. The last 2 years (up until 4 months ago) we were living together. We met at uni and I stayed in uni town for work afterwards to be with her.
However, when she graduated over the summer we were meant to be moving away as I should have been out of a job (my job was extended to April 2019). She "struggled" to find work. I was supporting both of us on my wage and dipping into savings to do.so. we made the decison to move back in with parents. However its an hour drive away (2 on train). I drive she does not.
I only see her on the weekend now. It was meant to be a weekend at mine and a weekend at hers. Ive been going to hers every weekend due to her needing to be at home for her brothers and new puppy. She refuses to have sex - we havent done it in 4 months. I said to get a hotel one weekend she says sleazy and waste of money. I dont know what to do lack of intamcity is runing our relationship- she keeps pandering being like dont be so demanding - it will happen when the time is right.
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4 months is a long time so for it to "happen when the time is right" sounds like a joke lol. Not much you can really do tbh. It just seems like you've been the only one putting in effort and it doesn't really seem like it's working out anymore. I don't wanna ruin your relationship but maybe you should break up.

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