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Hello Again!!

Here I’m going to talk about the Preparation I have made since September.

First of All, I divided the time for the revision in three “Phases”.
Phase One: Learning and Understanding.
Phase Two: Practicing and Reinforcing.
Phase Three: Recall and Relax.

For each of the phases I allocated appropriate time period. Phase One takes place from December to end of February. Phase Two from March to end of April. Phase Three takes place From May till the last exam.

Phase One:
Prior to Creating plans, I’ve used Excel Spread sheet to divide each subject into topics. At the first attempt I tried to use specification, but then I realised it was much easier to use chapters from the books.

OCR A Chemistry: My Plan

1. Briefly reading a chapter in the textbook —approx. 10 mins
2. Crossword — approx. 20 min
3. Watching Allery Chemistry videos on the topic.
4. Past paper questions by topic (between 40min to 3hrs40)
5. Marking and correcting — approx. 30 min


Allery Chemistry (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCPt...25YHw5SPGdPz0g)
Brilliant Videos, Mr Harris talks through every topic from OCR, Edexcel and AQA Chemistry. He uses mostly simple examples, but I found his videos very helpful in reminding myself of each topic, and he had cleared my confusion about quite few questions.

Crossword Maker App (Crossword Maker for Cruciverbalists by whenitsdone.org)
This app allows you to make your own crosswords and share the through link ( I can share mine here if someone wants, but I’m as rubbish at making crosswords and at solving them, hence they might be quite easy) This app can auto place the words for you, and even suggest clues for you. You can straight away print them or share them online. It also has a place for copy right.

Textbook ( A level Chemistry for OCR A by Rob Ritchie and Dave Gent) I have a lot books for Chemistry, from college, from my older brother, from idk where, but I have got 7 chemistry textbooks and even a chemistry textbook for OCR B.

Questions (https://www.physicsandmathstutor.com) This website has past paper questions sorted by topic for Chemistry OCR, AQA, Edexcel. It also has some notes on each topic, and videos, as well as few different Sets of questions for each topic, I personally downloaded and printed set one, and I will perhaps use set two/three as extension.

OCR Ancient History: My Plan

1. Word search — approx. 30 min
2. Filling in key information about every word from the word search —approx. 30min
3. Reading and highlighting the information in the book — approx. 40 min
4. Making a poster on A3 paper
5. Mind Map of what I remember at the end of the revision session — approx. 15 min

History I divided into Topics according to the textbook, but also I allocated time to to at the end of unit, do the same routine with ancient sources. I also included quote match up sheet for sources.


Word Search Maker (http://puzzlemaker.discoveryeducatio...hSetupForm.asp)
Usually I make the puzzles 40 x 40 letters. I then screen shot the word search and I put it into word document. It easily fits on one page, and on the second page I put all the words that I put into the word search (key people, places, laws etc) I leave lots of space for each word (I arrange the page in two columns if I have many words). I then print the document double sided, and use the space on the other side to write key info. Just 2-3 sentences of information I should remember about this person/place/etc

Textbook (OCR Ancient History AS & A Level component 1: Greece/component 2: Rome) I bought my own copies of the books, and I use Pilot Erasable Highlighters to highlight the information. The book contains everything you need to know and pin points the most important information, it also talks through the exam questions and how to answer them.

Match-up worksheet maker (https://www.armoredpenguin.com/wordmatch/) I used this mostly for matching up quotes with appropriate source.

(I’m considering creating more different worksheet for Phase Two)

Edexcel Mathematics: My Plan

For maths I found that I struggled to organise Phase One… there is just too much stuff…

1. Exam solution questions by topic
2. Solomon Press worksheets by topic
3. Solomon Press questions by topic
4. C1-4 & M1-2 & S1-2 questions by topic.

And many more…
I have decided to commit to spending my Monday Lunches in Maths Revision Session taught by my teacher. And I decided to spent my Free Period on Wednesdays doing Maths with friends.


Solomon Press and Past Questions (https://www.physicsandmathstutor.com ) There is lots and Lots of questions from different exam boards you can really practice whatever you want.

Exam Solution (https://www.examsolutions.net) By far my favourite resource. It contains all past paper questions since 2009 (I think) and each question has video, which walks through the questions. Each question is explained very slowly and in very big details, which is very helpful if you really don’t get it, and its utterly boring if you do get.

Okay, so that’s it for today! Hope you found this useful. I will post daily to talk about how my revision is going. Some posts will be short others long. At some point next week hopefully I will talk through the Phase Two. Also I’m more than happy to help anyone organise their revision in similar way, I’ve already have helped my Boyfriend (he studies: Edexcel Maths, WJEC Electronics, OCR A Physics and OCR Computer Science)

Bye Bye!
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So Today was the first day of my revision! Must say it didnt start too well, I had a migraine since the second half of Maths lesson. When I got home I wasn’t sure I wanted to do it, however after making comitment to this blog as well as my plan I decided to make myself hot cocoa (my comfort drink) and go to my room with slight delay (18.37) get started.

First I set timer to 10 mins and I started flipping through the first chapter in my chemistry book, it took only about 4 mins though, the first chapter is very basic. Nevertheless I moved on to my crossword which only took about 6 mins. Then I watched the video on 2.1.1 topic from Allery Chemistry. Nothing very complicated, which is probably the reason I managed to push myself through the migraine. I then done the questions which were to meant to take me 1 hour and 10 minutes, but they only took me 40 minutes. Frankly they were pretty easy questions, so no suprise that I got 69/70 marks.

This brings me to the end of today’s post.
Bye Bye and Good Luck!!

PS. I wanted to attach pictures of my revision space, but unfortunetly I get Error when I try to :/.
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