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This December, a TSR general election is happening. This is part of the Model House of Commons, TSR's very own parliament game.

All TSR users are able to vote in the general election, as long as they have at least 100 posts and their account is at least 3 months old. We encourage everyone who can to cast a vote, with voting open between 11th and 18th December, and this thread has been created to help people get the information they need to make an informed choice.

If you read nothing else, please head here and vote in the election!

What is the election for?
Since 2005 TSR has hosted a Model House of Commons (MHoC) as part of its politics section. This is basically a role-playing game, which is open to anyone who thinks it might sound fun. Every six months or so there is a general election to elect 50 MPs. There are currently four TSR parties, plus independents, and a government and opposition are formed after each election. Currently the Conservatives are the government and Labour are the official opposition.

Why vote?
Part of the fun of the MHoC is that its election results reflect what TSR users actually think, and the way that we try to get as good a cross-section of people as possible. The election is also a chance for us to make ourselves known to other TSR users, some of whom might be interested in getting more involved as party members or MPs.

Can I be elected an MP or get involved in some other way?
Yes! Rather than electing individual MPs, votes are cast for parties (unless for an individual independent candidate), which then distribute the seats to their members. This means that there is often a chance for people who first come across the MHoC at election time to become MPs fairly soon afterwards. If you are interested in joining a party, the best place to start is in the welcome thread, in the useful links below.

Useful links:

MHoC beginners' guide and FAQ (what is this even for?)

MHoC welcome thread – drop in and say hi, or join a party!

Vote in the TSR general election!!

Take part in our Ask the Leader sessions with the leaders of:
* The Conservatives
* Labour
* The Libertarians
* The Liberal Democrats

Suggest questions for our election debate

Participate in or look back on our election debate
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