Do not know what to do with my life atm. Hate sixthform and a Levels ! Watch

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Ok so my mother made me go to this Private sixth form and I hate it alot.
Im currently doing Maths, business and Psychology. I had no interest in doing either maths or pschology but the school had limited subjects to choose from.
I am really stressed out atm as I do not know what to do with my life I honestly hate sixth form and the subjects that i am doing except from business. My attendance is really bad I havent been to any of my Psychology lessons for about 3 weeks and this week is Mock exams. This is mostly because the school is and hour and a half away.
One of my cousins suggested I do Btecs but my sixthform doesnt do any, hence why I want to move schools urgently.
I seriously dont know what to do, I am really stressed out and my mother is getting really sick and tired of me, she thinks im going to be a faliure and a disgrace to the family which i do not want to be.
I just hate this f***ing education system, I woudnt mind doing an apprenticeships but my mother thinks its for idiots.
Please can somebody help me on what to do, my life is a mess right now.
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Apprenticeships are a great way to get some independence whilst also gaining the qualification you could have got at an education centre. If anything apprenticeships can benefit people more as you get on the job experience as well as the formal qualification. A lot of people who go to college/uni struggle to get a job in the field they want after their studies because although they have the bit of paper saying what qualification they have, they don't have any real world experience.
I'm doing an apprenticeship with the civil service and they pay apprentices the same wage as any other employee and obviously pay for your qualification as well. So I wouldn't say apprenticeships are for idiots.
I would definitely consider switching schools or an apprenticeship.
Hope that helps
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