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Hello everyone!

I'm a bachelor's degree student from Estonia. I'm currently in my last year of studying journalism at Tallinn University. However my true passion is to try my hand at becoming a filmmaker. Being a director would especially be a dream come true (not a very original or easy-to-achieve one I know).

I've decided that I wish to study film production in the US, Canada or the UK, seeing as these are the most obvious countries known for their strong film industries.

So after months of searching on the internet, I've compiled an almost final list of schools that I want to apply to. However I still have to narrow it down a bit more and I figured I'd ask here to see if anyone has any positive/negative experiences with any of the schools on my list or just any general knowledge about them!

Here are the schools with the respective courses I'm interested in:


Boston University - MFA in Cinema Production
Columbia College Chicago - Cinema Directing (MFA)
DePaul University - Film and Television Directing
City College of New York - MFA Film Program
CUNY Brooklyn College - Cinema Arts - Directing


University of Westminster - Film, Television and Moving Image MA
Central Film School - MA Filmmaking / MA Directing Fiction
UCA – University for the Creative Arts - Filmmaking MA
AUB - Arts University Bournemouth - Film Production MA
University of Bournemouth - MA Directing Film & Television
MET Film School - MA Directing
Goldsmiths, The Screen School - MA Filmmaking (Directing Fiction)


Vancouver Film School - A VFS Film Production Education

What I'm looking for is a practical course where I'll get as much hands-on experience as possible and where I could meet and collaborate with likeminded people who are also interested in filmmaking. I'm not really interested in the theoretical aspects of film and as such I've tried to only add schools that offer very practical courses. I'm also looking for the schools to have good ties with the film industry so it might be possible to get my foot in the door of the industry after graduation.

In terms of the locations, I definitely prefer big cities or at least areas near them. Another important consideration point for me was that the city should have relatively good public transportation options. I don't have a license and so commuting by car isn't an option (which is part of the reason why there aren't any LA schools on my list, as I know public transportation is very limited there).

I would appreciate any sort of advice or knowledge that you can share about any of these schools or about this situation in general!

Thank you!

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