what grade would this exam answer be given ?

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compare how the writer in ozymandias and any other power and conflict poem use the power of nature.

Both poems "Ozymandias" and "the prelude" evoke a sense of sublimity ,conveying a sense of awe and terror at natures power.however, "the prelude" examines natures power over the emotions of a vulnerable and seemingly innocent individual. Whereas "Ozymandias "" presents the power of nature in contrast to the weakness of the power of man.

Wordsworth in "the prelude" emphatically evokes natures power through the combination of repetition and adjectives .he does this when he writes "huge peak ,black and huge " . The repetition here emphasizes the speechlessness and startlement of the person that is travelling whilst being pulled by nature which shows the man cant articulate natures power.The adjective "black" is symbolic for the emotions and feelings the boy is experiencing. euphemistic language is also used here to show that man can not comprehend the vastness of nature. The power of nature here is ironic because even though the boy regularly used to go to the boat where it lay in "its usual home " it was uncertain whether he would be following the usual root home .The poem is written as one stanza which reflects the scale of nature

similarly in Ozymandias the writer uses alliteration and powerful language to emphasize how powerful nature is. The area where the statue stood still i described as "lone and level sands that stretch far away ".the alliteration here is the cadence that echoes the openness and boundlessness of the desert landscape.the sibilant sounds of the "sands stretching " also evokes the size of the island.the fact that there is "two vast trunk less legs of stone " is also ironic as these are just the remains of the boastful and arrogant king . this contrast to when he says "i'm Ozymandias king of kings ."here he is challenging other rulers and is almost calling himself superior which is funny for the reader as now his statue has begun to rot and decompose. this poem has a subverted rhyme scheme which suggests nature is destroying mans creation (the statue )

in turn both poems convey the power of nature in very similar ways and have very similar language and structural techniques.

what grade would you give this and what mark out of 30 ? thank you

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