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if i were to pick latin along side literature and history would it be easy?

im interested as it quite links with it i think; from old texts from the past and stuff idk. maybe it might also be fun!

but do they start from scratch or from gcse level because i know there is gcse Latin so im confused

also when speaking a language in general like Spanish or German would it be good to start from a level? or they carry on from gcse
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Hi, I am doing exactly those A levels ! : Latin, History and English Literature
So far I am really enjoying the courses,they are fun and they also link together quite nicely
As they are all facilitating subjects and generally academic, it defenitely will not be easy,but it is worth it as you will learn so many new skills
It all depends on what you would like to study at uni,for example I want do do classics
However In my school A level Latin continues on from GCSE Latin,and I believe that is how it is in most places,so if you did not do GCSE I'm not sure you could do A Level
But if you are intereseted in doing Classics at Uni, there is always an option to take a 4 year course for those who have not studied Latin previously
I'm not sure about your last question but I believe all languages A level continue from GCSE
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i’m doing exactly those three as well as French and EPQ (well I took Latin last year). Latin I found was the least workload, until it came to revision when learning set texts became a huge weight, but definitely still manageable.
Latin Alevel required GCSE knowledge though, especially for the translation and comprehension parts because you start building up new knowledge of Grammar on-top of what you learnt at GCSE. However, I didn’t find the set texts much harder than GCSE level, it was just the style of questions that changed .
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