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I am at uni and to be honest I don't care if i fail this semester or this course. I don't know why. I just feel like i have little future after this degree anyway and uni is just so hard in general. I have been studying for my exam the past few days but today i have had such an unproductive day. I don't think i will fail this semester but i am really unhappy here at uni so i don't even mind. I just feel like my life is a mess and doing well wouldn't a difference. It's a shame because i enjoy my degree, but to be honest i just don't think i'm capable. I am tired all the time and some days i just really really lack motivation. Im a determined person so im not going to quit, but is it bad that i always have the idea that i am going to fail and i don't care?
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yeah that’s bad? i mean you’ve probably just wasted a ton of money on a degree you don’t enjoy??? maybe try looking into something else and as the uni if you can swap courses ?
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