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I'm currently in Yr 12 and am doing my A Levels. I find that sixth form is a huge waste of time and I'm trying to motivate myself to not feel this way. As of now, I have about 89-91% (based on days) or 93-94% (based on lessons) attendance due to bad health and what I've noticed during this is that the majority of time I'm in school feels like a complete waste.
I do two of my subjects at my sixth form then have to do a twenty minute walk to another sixth form to do my third subject. I have a hearing/processing issue so by the end of the school day my brain is so exhausted from having to strain to hear others that I just sit on the couch for an hour or two.
All my lessons are basically the textbook put on a PowerPoint and read out by a teacher. I have all the textbooks so sixth form is feeling like a complete waste of time right now. The amount I get done on the days I'm off whilst ill compared to in lessons is shocking. I'm forever waiting for others to catch up and the teachers take forever to go over a paragraph.
Me missing lessons has had no impact on my learning at all; I still receive the highest in my class.
What's most frustrating is I KNOW I can effectively self teach. I self taught GCSE further maths, with only one hour a week to ask a maths teacher questions, and I got 164/175 marks on the exams.
I don't want to leave sixth form as all my best friends are there, the school is really supportive and just a great place to be, but this feeling of unfulfillment is stressing me out.
Also, my family is financially unstable and the school says you need around 95% attendance to receive the termly bursary. Due to it being a smallish sixth form (everyones from the high school) the head of sixth form knows everyone, so they usually do not cut it (unless you're literally never in). Butt I still don't want to risk it as half of my bursary goes towards assisting my family.

Any advice to motivate me? Should I have a word with my head of sixth form?
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Sorry you've not had any responses about this. Are you sure you've posted in the right place? Here's a link to our subject forum which should help get you more responses if you post there.

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