Can I get a scholarship for MSc in Finance at Bocconi?

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Hi there!

I want to apply for MSc in Finance at Bocconi (starting in 2019). The university is my first choice and I would be really glad to receive an offer. However, even if I got admitted, I probably wouldn't be able to pursue the program without a scholarship.

My profile:

  • Bachelor degree from the University of Economics and Business in Vienna; GPA 1.2 (among the best 1% in my cohort)

  • Exchange semester at the University of Edinburgh

  • Fluent in 4 languages + Italian at at the intermediate level

  • One internship with a smaller Austrian bank and another one with Erste Bank (Austrian leader in retail banking). In January I am starting an internship with Deutsche Bank in Munich.

  • Extracuricullars: various volunteering activities

  • GMAT: 680 (Verbal 40, Quant 44)

I know that given my GMAT score, a full scholarship is out of reach. Still, Bocconi also offers partial scholarships. Do you think that I have a chance to get one? Is it worth a shot?

Thanks in advance for your opinions!

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