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Struggling.. cant find a job.. should i apply for universal credit? watch

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    I tried to post this earlier but the error kept coming up, so if it is posted twice i apologise...

    I am currently a gap year student and I am finding it very difficult to get by, I have literally applied to everywhere and anywhere and can't seem to find a job... additionally I can't afford to pay for train/bus fares for interviews out of town bc i literally have no money for it...

    i don't want to sound snobby or anything but i literally never thought i would need to be on benefits as i do have a roof over my head and i thought people who were worse off of me should only claim...

    i feel like i cant do anything and feel so down, its almost christmas and my gap year plan was to already have got a job by now to get by i just dont know... this might sound like such a pathetic thread and im sorry but lol idk man...
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    Yes, that's what it's there for. The jobcentre can also help you in getting a job in various ways (although their support seems pretty variable), from CV writing help to structured training schemes or shadowing/work experience (usually this is only if you've been unemployed for a few months). A friend of mine went through such a scheme from his jobcentre and managed to get a stable long term job in part because of this, although I've heard others have much less positive experiences.

    Your misplaced pride isn't going to get you a job so, you might as well swallow it and accept these welfare programmes are in place for a reason, to help people get back into work. Unfortunately tabloid media reporting villifying them with the tacit support of the current government administration, along with said administrations destructive influence on the positive elements of such schemes has made it appear something much worse than what it is.

    You can go for it if you feel you need to, additionally, you can look for agency work, no doubt that warehouses are looking for extra bodies at this time of the year, and looking to get the best people they can in.

    It might not sound pretty, and it might not last you more than a month or two. But quite frankly, the job centre is only going to push for the same thing, because it's a lot easier to get people signed onto an agency than it is to wait for them to find a permanent place. Likewise, a warehouse agency isn't going to be particularly fussy about who they're sending in either.

    It doesn't sound great, I mean, about 2 years ago I thought the same thing when I ultimately ended up joining with an agency. About 9 months ago the company I was booked in at got me a PPT licence, and, up until recently, were looking to get me trained up on the FLTs, which would've boosted my pay to just under £10 an hour, and the licence would've likely been valid anywhere, meaning that if I did get the licence, I could be looking at £12-£15 an hour (~£25K- ~£31k a year before tax) in some places. It could potentially lead you to have a generally reasonable pay at a young age.
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