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Hey Guys,

I'm a Yr 13 student currently taking A-levels in Biology (OCR), Chemistry (OCR),Physics(AQA) and Geography (Edexcel).

GCSE Results:

Maths 7
English Language 7
English Literature 9
Biology A
Chemistry A
Physics A
Spanish A
German A
History A*
Geography A*
Religious Studies A*

I know my GCSE grades are perhaps well below average for most people on TSR!

I was encouraged to start one of these blogs after reading others and feeling so motivated and inspired by how much progress people were making!

I applied for Medicine this year and have already my letters of rejection so have been feeling pretty low and dejected this past month...My academic results were not up to par with the majority of the applicants.I thought that starting this thread would help spur me on and keep me focused on the most important goal of doing well in my A-levels!It can be pretty tough and isolating not knowing where life will take you when everyone around you pretty much has their life on track!But hey ho...after many tears and hours wallowing in self pity I realise that being rejected no matter how hard it is to accept it really isn't the end of the world.

My A-level journey has been a heck of a rollercoaster ride so far but I am determined to do all that I can to achieve 4 A*s.Yep call me crazy, unrealistic and a person with lofty ambitions but why not

Physics is probably the bane of my existence so far - how the heck is one supposed to answer paper 3!? My physics strategy is a work in progress.If anyone has any tips of how to tackle any A-level questions I would be incredibly grateful!!

I hope to share the highs and lows of this rather arduous but ultimately self fulfilling experience.

So guys don't let that fleeting sense of incompetency define you because we all have six months to get our s*** together x

PS: I've never done a GYG before so please bare with,
I'm excited!!
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Hi Guys,

So I have finished Yr13 Mocks - aka the longest life sucking 5 days of my entire life.But after eight gruelling 2 hour papers I'm finally feeling recharged and most importantly more motivated for the year ahead!

This is my Plan for the week ahead!

10th of December to the 15th of December:

Goals for the week:


1)Finish all the F3225 Redox Titration type past paper questions from OCR- I found these the hardest types of questions to answer on our physical chem mock paper.

2)Finish all the F3224 NMR and analysis questions from OCR.These types of questions along with the redox kind are valuable marks around 6 marks for most questions.My aim is just to work on my timing when answering these,despite having two hours timing is unfortunately a big issue for me!!

3) A2 Organic Chem! Our class haven't had an organic chem teacher for about two months and had to be taught amines, nucleophillic addition and carboxylic acid derivative questions one week before mocks in the space of one double lesson.Fair to say I still need more practice.

Hopefully if I can finish all the Yr 13 content chem questions and I will have enough time to go through any bits and bobs that I don't understand with my teacher before the end of term.


Biodiversity questions! I have to the conclusion that you cannot simply just wing it on questions centered on biodiversity,evolution and sustainability! I need to focus on those types of questions.

Also I need to write up notes relating to the PAGs we have done in class as experimental questions are worth around 15% of the entire paper.


The physics mock was a complete shambles.Lets just say I know I've already collected my E.For context during our paper 2 exam over half of the students were sleeping 45 minutes in because we just had no idea what to do.The guy next to me was grunting through the entire paper and finally to my relief fell asleep an hour in.I'm laughing now thinking of how badly both papers went but I am incredibly terrified for the real thing! I guess mocks have been a really valuable wake up call.

For Physics its just practice!
I need to order a good physics textbook to supplement the Collins one I already have.
I don't do A-level Maths so I know that I need to work twice as hard compared to most of my peers! I have a pack of Physics Mechanics,Waves and Electrcity questions I am hoping to make a start on.

Does anyone have any tips? Especially for Paper 3?

And most importantly every day I want to dedicate 2 hours to Physics revision alternating between AS an A2 content.



That's all folks! Hope everyone has a wonderfully productive week ahead x
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