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    1 - Inspect Element "Send me an email" button and the email is [number]@myaboutpage.com.

    2 - The text is spelt backwards so flip the text and the answer is there.

    3 - Inspect Element on the orange background and underneath the light green text is shown with a number bounded by <!-- [number] -->. Take this number and replace the url number after quote/ with that number you got from the html.

    4 - Inspect Element the blue background with the title "Barrier Background Checks" and correct the "style="bookground-image: ..." with "style="background-image: ...".

    5 - Inspect Element the url of the subject area and underneath the html line attached to that url, open up the "<script>...</script>" tab, the username and password is located on the second line of that function.

    6 - Inspect element the top bar of the subject area, underneath that html line, open up the "<script>...</script>" tab, this gives the instructions to what to do. Go to the "Console" tab in the inspect element area and type - "turnCircle("one",-45)" then "turnCircle("two",-45)" then "turnCircle("three",-45)".

    7 - Input the text under "You shall not pass!" into this "https://www.dcode.fr/caesar-cipher"
    select the "TEST ALL POSSIBLE SHIFTS" option and decode. The top result on the Results column should tell you instructions on adding, and multiplying numbers. Once you've followed these instructions and got a final number turn that number into text and encode that back using the "Caesar Encoder" at the bottom of thet web page using the same shift you used to decode the first text.

    8 - Inspect element the page and go to the "Sources" tab at the top of the inspect element area, open up the "challenge-files" folder and open the "dippy-donut-security.js". In the notes it says "... users password in our database is always prefixed with "pass_"...". Go back to the "Elements" tab and scroll to the top in the Inspect Element area, put the username as the username given in the "var dUser = "[username]"" and put the password as the password given in the "var dPass = "[password]"" with the "pass_" before it.

    9 - Inspect Element the name "Greg Lavano" underneath the "following tab" of the profile page, and find the number in the line "<div class="person" id="user-[number]">" and replace the number in the url with that number. Enter the answer as the place "Greg Lavano" was in last.

    10 - Inspect Element any number in the numbers given, find the line a couple lines under called <form class="form" action id="calc-form">, press "Spin for question" and see what changes on the line, copy what changes (action="/challenge-10/answer" and once the spinning is over replace the "action" part with the thing you copied. Then add/subtract the numbers it gives you and input it the result in.

    11 - Inspect Element the numbers above the input bar, and underneath that html line, open it up then open up the "<script>...</script>", from this you can see the function "decrypt". Go into the "Console tab" and put the numbers separated by ";" into the "decrypt()" function in the form - decrypt([number1],[number2]...) separating the numbers with commas instead. This will give you a string, put this string into the input box.

    12 - Inspect element the left text, and open the tab "<textarea class="input-text" id="test-code" name="test-code" spellcheck="false">", go down to "integrityCheck = function () {" and look at the line starting with "for (var i..." from this we can see that there are 3 arguments, however 2 arguments are contradicting each other, "i = 0; i <= check.length", with their equal signs, change the "i<=check.length" to "i<check.length" and then click "Run Test".

    13 - The goal on this is to click the space on the page in time, however it changes locations 0 seconds after hovering over it. Inspect element the hole it gives you and open up the tab "<div class="interface" id="interface">" and edit the line "style="transition: all 0.01s ease-in-out 0s; left: 60px; top: 20px;" to "style="transition: all 0.01s ease-in-out 20s; left: 60px; top: 20px;". This changes the transition time of it moving to 20 seconds instead of 0 seconds. Now just simply click on the square space to reveal the flag.

    14 - To complete this you need to get the Water Level Monitor over the max level, to do this we need to gain access to the system and change the configuration path to a very large number, press "Run" to get a list of commands. Find the line "char *pass = "[password]", in the input type "watermon -p [password] -c 9999999999999999999999999999999" (more 9's if this doesn't do it), this inputs the password to get into the system and changes the configuration path to a very high number resulting in the Level monitors to go over max.

    can you explain challenge 6 in more detail.
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Updated: December 12, 2018

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