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I need help I’m looking for a physics paper about Kentucky energy and stuff can you please help it has to have exam styled questions higher paper on it ty
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This is a physics forum so I'll assume you're talking about kinetic energy. If this is for GCSE, then check Physics and Maths Tutor, which has exam questions and notes for every topic. I find it useful at A Level so it should be useful at GCSE also.

Not sure how it differs with different exam boards (other than AQA), but the main focus of questions regarding kinetic energy was the equation for it, 1/2mv^2, where m is mass in Kg, and v is velocity in ms^-1. They also asked about rearrangements of the equation, specifically asking about finding velocity, which means the equation needs to be rearranged, so the steps are:

Ek = 1/2mv^2
2Ek = mv^2
2Ek/m = v^2
√(2Ek/m) = v

The rooting was due to the velocity being squared in the original equation, and the kinetic energy multiplied by 2 was due to 1/2 in the original equation (this should be easier if you have done rearrangement of formulae).

Other questions might ask you something about energy changes during motion, for example. An object like a ball might be dropped, then you have to explain the energy changes during the free fall. You'd talk about it starting with initial gravitational potential energy (found by doing mass x gravitational field strength (9.81 on Earth) x height), then as it is dropped, that is transferred to kinetic energy, as well as heat energy from friction (due to air resistance), meaning when the ball hits the ground, it will rebound but not up to the same point, as it has lost energy due to wasted energy being dissipated into the environment, meaning as kinetic energy has transferred back to gravitational potential energy, it's not the same as the initial value, due to the law of conservation of energy, saying that energy cannot be created or destroyed, just transferred to different stores (i.e. KE to GPE).

Hope this helps.
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