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Hi everyoneeeeee! I am a typical 17 year old student and my friends call me M (we are all friends here write?!- haha get it 'write' because its a blog post!) I would love for you to stick around and follow my struggle journey through growing my grades at A Level (I promise I'll try to keep those brilliant puns at a minimum) I know its almost too late to start my blog now seeing as I am already into Year 13 by 3 months but I have decided to motivate myself to achieve my high aims (possibly unrealisitic but I'll give it a good go!) by sharing my tips, experiences, etc here!

On to the good stuff- I am studying:
  • AQA History- C- Tudors and Nazi Dictatorship- A LEVEL
  • Edexcel Government & Politics- E - A LEVEL
  • AQA Chemistry- AS LEVEL

I know its all a bit confusing that I am studying 2 A Levels and 1 AS Level but basically I dropped Physics as AS last year right before the exam because I am a serial stresser and JUST COULD NOT DEAL ANYMORE (relatable?) So then this year I picked up AS Chemistry and am loving (and hating) it so far!

This blog is a bit different to what you would typically find on Grow Your Grades because I didn't get exceptional GCSE (mostly Bs and Cs) nor AS results but I am still aiming high and am going to work as hard as my depleting motivation will allow me to!

  • AQA History A Level----> aiming for an A!
  • Edexcel Government & Politics-A Level----> aiming for an A!
  • AQA Chemistry- AS LEVEL----> aiming for an A!

So please join me on my journey of majorly growing my grades, I will be posting updates, study tips and all things great here on an almost daily basis so stick around and enjoy the ride

M x

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