How likely are you to join a new online forum / community?

Lucian Hodoboc
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While The Student Room is one of the largest internet communities (forums) in the world and has a massive amount of traffic, there are forums that are struggling to gain an audience and gather members, despite having the same features as TSR.

Some people say that that social networks have pretty much killed forums, and that starting a new online community based on a forum platform in 2019 and succeeding in making it grow is pretty much impossible.

What is your opinion about this? Are you likely to join a new online community if you stumbled across one or if you were invited by a friend on social media? Or do you think that all major forums that the internet needs have already been created and that new ones are destined to fail?

Share your thoughts in this thread.
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Big forums like TSR are more than just forums nowdays. Running costs are huge and there are employees dependant on its success. This means maximising ad revenue, which means plastering links all over the place to get you to click more often. The experience is pretty awful on here nowadays and I've come here tonight after a small time away and it's worse than ever. Just looking at this box I've got latest posts to the right and related discussions underneath - both showing me a load of crap I'm not interested in - plus a poll asking me if I like exams. What's that all about? All I want to do is chat.

While its true that social media has helped kill off the platform, it doesn't help that the software is designed to make you click as much as possible. It's not about the discussions anymore which is why so few good threads get many posts. There are too many distractions. All the time I'm sitting here typing I'm not generating extra ad revenue for the business - and that's all they care about as it's what puts food on the table at home.

There is another forum I'm on which has a very old-fashioned layout. Pages load very quickly and you get (mostly) decent chat over dozens of pages. It's a good place to kill time but it doesn't attract many new people because it isn't as flashy as users come to expect in 2018. It'll die eventually and it'll be a great shame.

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