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Hi I’m 18 and at college I am thinking about dropping out for the second time due to the fact that no matter what I do or how hard I try to make myself do it I lose interest and motivation almost instantly. I have no idea what I want to do later in life. It’s not just college that I have no motivation in but the rest of my life apart from socialising. I smoke weed quite regularly so maybe there is a connection? I see everyone around me trying hard, getting good grades, being sure of what they’re doing, and working good jobs and then there’s me who keeps trying to make myself get up and try hard in life but for some reason I just cannot do it I I stay up quite late at night and have difficulty getting up the next day. I used to do really well in primary and some of secondary school and then this lack of motivation started a few years ago. This was also the time when I began going out a lot and drinking, doing lots of drugs such as pills ketamine etc although I’ve stopped rly doing this now. Now I’m just stuck knowing I need to pull myself together and make a decision of either sticking at my college course even though I hate it or find a steady job and take a year off working until I know for sure what I want but although I know what I need to do I’m too lazy to push myself to actually do it. Instead I attend college about two days a week when it should be five and spend the rest of the time half heartedly handing out cv’s as well as mostly staying in doing nothing and going out with friends. Although I don’t consider myself that much of a sensitive guy I find that some things tend to get me down more than they should for example when things don’t go well with girls I’ve been talking to etc. Another thing I’ve noticed the past year or two is that I sometimes get quite anxious and get a bad feeling in my stomach in certain situations mainly when I’m waiting for something to happen or to go out, I also get bad thoughts pop into my head at random moments although I don’t really see this as a big problem it’s just something that happens from time to time which never used to. The main problem I see in myself right now is my lack of motivation to get my life in check and I was just wondering if anyone could relate and/or identify my main problems and suggest some solutions, thank you in advance.
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Stop smoking weed. Cannabis is not good for brain development at this age and is probably contributing to your lack of motivation and mental health.
Go to your GP and talk about your mental health.
Write down where you see yourself in 15 years. Would like to be living in a house with a family, a nice car?
Use this vision as your motivation to work hard.
Nothing in life comes easy, you have to work for it.
Hope this helps x
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Thank you, appreciate the advice. It’s hard sometimes because often I smoke to allow myself to get to sleep quickly and easily but I’m sure after a while I’ll be able to do this without smoking

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