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About a month ago I started talking to this girl and we got very close very quickly. We were insanly open with each other even to the point where she revealed she had a crush on me. We kept talking and have hanged out a lot and we get along with each other really well!

We've talked about the idea of dating quite a lot and I do want to be with her but there is this constant thought in the back of my mind telling me I shouldn't. The main worry I have is I may not find her attractive in the future as she likes to make quite drastic changes to her appearance which I'm not at all used too, mainly shaving off all her hair which is the complete opposite to what my preference is and does put me off slightly..
I adore her now and do find her cute & pretty currently but I'm just not sure how I'd feel in the future when she does make these changes. I don't want to just not date this girl I actually have a chance with and can see myself having a great time with just cause she shaves her head... It's kinda shallow and I actually would be upset if we didnt date (Though maybe I just get attached too easily) but the thought is still there constantly as I keep telling myself: "You could just wait and find a girl who's much more perfect for me in terms of appearance".. though I doubt that'd happen knowing my luck.

I'd like to know what you guys think?
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On the one hand, it's incredibly shallow to not date someone because she might shave off her hair at some point in the future. It's also not living in the present.

On the other hand, the only person to please here is you (and your potential girlfriend). If you're not entirely happy don't go ahead.

There's nothing to stop you going with the flow, to stop thinking about this and just do things, like going out for fun days and evenings with this lovely young woman. And then if either you or her want to stop dating at some point in the future - for any reason - then you'll just cross that bridge when you come to it and both continue to live happy seperate lives from then on.

I personally do admire women who have the self-confidence and devil may care attitude to cut all their hair off. They are not like some modern day Samson, where all their abilities to be a great girlfriend disappears when their hair is cut off. They are still the same wonderful, sexy, lovable person inside, hair or no hair.

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