Thoughts on diet lifestyles such as veganism

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Just curious to see people's opinion on different diets like how veganism, vegetarianism, meat-rich diet compare with basic balanced diet with all food groups.
This is just to explore people's opinions - I don't want hate on people for their dietary choices.
I'll start
Personally I don't like the vegan diet as I don't find it healthy and know a lot of ex-vegans who stopped due to the diet causing them illness. I believe humans are supposed to eat meat from a young age - I wouldn't raise a child without giving them meat but if they later wanted to change then that's absolutely fine.
I'm quite curious about taking it in the opposite direction with those who eat a mostly meat based diet.
I also believe that people are more suited to a particular diet - for instance I naturally have a specific liking for meat.

Also interested in any psychological considerations linked to diet
Again, no hate. Just because you don't agree with a certain diet doesn't make it wrong or better
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A vegan diet is healthier than a diet that has animal products in it. Animal products provide the body with “bad cholesterol” which is the main cause for heart disease whereas a plant based diet provides you with “good cholesterol” and plants contain all the proteins that you need to survive. Most people have this misconception that meat is necessary for a healthy lifestyle. If someone is vegan and is becoming ill then they are not eating the right foods in the first place. Also if meat was supposed to be eaten by humans then why do we need to cook it in the first place; the only way that we can eat meat is if it is cooked because it is poisonous to us when raw but all other meat eating animals do not do this since meat is not actually harmful to their body but is to ours. A vegan diet is also useful for helping stop climate change. 58% of global CO2 emmisions are due to agriculture whereas only 13% is due to vehicles so the first step to tackling climate change is stopping the use of animal products. In 60 years time it is unlikely that we will be eating animal products since animal agriculture is not sustainable

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