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*All* off site social media group chats / taking discussions off TSR is NOT allowed.

Please do not ask for, mention, or advertise any group chats. This is as per TSR Community Rules.

No advertising

1.No spammers, please. This means no advertising or other promotional activity.

2. If you post a link, please make sure it’s useful. This isn't the place for promotional activity, so please don’t post about both commercial and non-commercial products/services, job adverts, Facebook groups, societies and forums other than TSR (unless you’re linking to a specific, relevant thread from another forum). One exception is in the Find a Flatmate forum, where private accommodation classifieds can be posted (subject to the forum's guidelines, outlined here).

If you see any group chats being mentioned - please click on the report button, tag or PM me and I will bin them.


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